Wednesday, April 9, 2014

About the company:

Since 2010

Big-N-Mage music publishing company has been responsible for ensuring songwriters and composers to receive payment when their compositions are used commercially. Structured and negotiated with business affairs publishing contract’s. Monitored where compositions are used, collected royalties and distributed them to the client. Secured commissions for music and promoted existing compositions to recording artists, film and television. Provide services for substantial advances against future income. Spearheaded Digital E-mail marketing campaigns, resulting in more that 80% of software services clients coming in through word of mouth, TV, radio, e-mail marketing channels. Orchestrated two successful corporate re-branding campaigns, including coordination of legal name change, new logo with all vendors and clients new Web site and new marketing materials, campaigns internal and external messaging and internal communications coaching. Maintained in-depth project plans including detailed Excel workbooks with continually updated task list, contact list, deadlines and budgets. 

Big-N-Mage has also engaged in key strategic partnership with Sony/ATV Music Publishing, which is one of the largest music publishing companies in the world. 

 3535 PeachTree Rd. NE 520-155
Atlanta, Ga 30326
(Management): Chris McCoy @ (615).336.9891

(Assistant): Sonja Amos @ (302).437.6411

(Producer/Writer): Antonio TopcaT Randolph @ (618).799.3583


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